Where do I find archive music in the Proud Music Library?

Archive music is already finished produced music that is used especially in the soundtrack of industry films, TV movies and movie films, commercials, etc. To start with, archive music was given as a CD collection to editors and producers. Nowadays, archive music is found in online libraries, such as the Proud Music Library, for example.

production music
archive music is also known as production music

Archive music is also known as stock music or production music. For further questions on the subject it is best if you write us at support@proudmusiclibrary.com.

What are synch-rights?

The concept film production rights is also known as (a work’s) synchronization rights, that is, a right to associate works from different genres, here: a form of projection, such as films + musical works in the form of recordings, or rather, sound recordings. In this way, a new work is created. For this purpose, the film producer must concede the available rights, so the music can be used in the film. The film production rights are granted by the authors themselves or by a publisher, as long as the authors commissioned their exploitation.

Proud Music Library for royalty free music and production music
Synch-rights means: “film plus music”

Where can I find instrumental rock in the Proud Music Library?

Instrumental rock was most popular between the mid-1950s to mid-1960s. In this decade Surf music was very popular.

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Production music, stock music, archive music
Instrumental rock music for commercials (Radio, TV, cinema, Point-of-sale)

Many rock guitarists were influenced by The Ventures’ precise guitar work. In the 1970s Progressive rock and art rock performers featured virtuosic instrumental performances. One of the best-selling instrumental albums ever, with 16 millions copies sold is Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, released in 1973.

What is a royalty-free stock music library?

Stock Music is an affordable alternative to the use of well-known music in a promotional film, corporate video or commercial spot.

It has been produced specifically for the use in audio and audiovisual productions. Stock Music is also very often used as background music in stores, hotels or airports.

Royalty-free Music for airports
Royalty-free Stock Music for airports, hotels and malls

In the past stock music was delivered on CD in the Red Book audio format to allow easy cueing and rapid synchronization. Today, simple download a stock music track online. The most tracks that are provided by stock music libraries are registered with a collecting society, for example, ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, PRS, SIAE, PRS and APRA. For this there are extra fees for the public performance or mechanical reproduction.

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In the Proud Music Library you will find plenty of royalty-free stock music. About 1/3 of music (about 8,200 songs,  Feb. 2016) is completely royalty-free stock music and as such also featured.

Fair film

A fair film is part of a professional marketing mix as well. There are basically two types of fair films. On the one hand, there are films that are shown at the fair itself. These are usually about promotional films that portray a mixture of product presentations and image films, or rather industry films. The fair film should awaken people’s curiosity so that the visitor lingers longer at a stand. On the other hand there are films about a fair event where, for example, the fair itself or a company’s stand is presented. Should any clients appear in a film, it is necessary to clear up his personal rights beforehand!

The purpose of a fair film is precisely that of an image film, namely to portray a company in a positive light, and also to present the product portfolio. Hence, when planning a stand it is important to consider that there is a fair area where the fair film can be projected as eye catcher with public appeal. Therefore, avoid projecting fair films from a laptop. In addition, bear in mind the volume and quality of the tones/sounds with respect to the general noise at the fair. The best option is to show the fair film in a soundproof cabin with high quality loudspeakers. Should you do without a cabin, make sure that, under such circumstances, the fair film can be projected for several days at the stand. This may have quite a soporific effect on staff members at the stand and lead to annoyance if they listen continuously to the same music or tone. This would be simply avoided by the use of a soundproof cabin. Besides, the following should be regarded: The bigger the film – shown with a projector, for example -, the bigger the number of observers. Incidentally, here the choice of music is crucial. By no means may it sound “cheap”. It is recommendable not to use that which is employed in product presentations such as point-of-sales in superstores, at fairs.

In the case of a fair or industrial film, the theme should be emotionally taken up, that is to say, that it is preferable for it to have animated or visual portrayals, rather than contain a great deal of spoken text.


What is a product video?

Royalty-free music and production music for commercials on TV, Radio or Cinema
Royalty-free music for commercials on TV, Radio or Cinema

What is a product video?  In the last five years, product videos have become increasingly popular. But what are they exactly? These are videos which promote a given product, but are much shorter than infomercials, while still showing off its benefits. Retailers like L.L. Bean®, for example, who are traditionally mail order companies, are the main beneficiaries. Here is a link to their hunting boots video, which is effective, not only because it is everything a product video should be, but also because it summarizes the values that continue to shape L.L. Bean® as a company.

Other younger retailers, such as Vat19.com, do not have the tradition that L.L.Bean® enjoys, and yet have been able to appeal to the public through their product video by using a more relaxed and still creative “what you see is what you get” kind of approach and maximizing the goods at hand. There is a product video for almost every product sold by the retailer.

Vat19.com’s videos The World’s Largest Gummy Bear and The World’s Largest Gummy Worm are examples of this method, which reflects every gummy lover’s dream.

Other videos by Vat19.com clearly appeal to the younger generation, more specifically, a generation that attended college during the time of SNL skits such as Mike Myer’s Sprockets, as is the case of Das Beer Boot Music Video.

What is Video On Demand (VOD)?

royalty-free music and production music by Proud Music Library Video On Demand (VOD) refers to the ability to be able to select a video online and watch it without the hassle of having to go to the video store and run the risk of finding that all copies have been checked out, and having to wait until one is returned. Several video rental companies offer the service, as is the case with Netflix, Inc. and VOD. In this manner, should a new release of the latest movie be announced to the public, Video On Demand (VOD) gives customers the confidence that they will have access to the blockbuster movie.

What is IPTV?

Production Music Library with 60.000 Tracks

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television refers to the delivery of television programming via broadband. There are many advantages to this modern convenience, which include being able to record multiple programs via DVR at the same time (even from a remote location via telephone), participating real time with the audience in game shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, and analyzing a particular sports tactic from various angles. It also allows you to fast forward and rewind a show if you missed it because you were tending a phone call or going to the bathroom. At the rate technology has advanced, what will they think of next?

What is a promotional video?

A promotional or promo video is an effective tool used to market a particular product or service. It can be in the form of a corporate video or a music video. Nowadays, it has become popular among non-profit organizations as well to promote awareness about their cause. Such is the case with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the American Breast Cancer Society, to name a few. Promotional videos are succinct as their purpose is to provide the most information in the shortest amount of time, and to maintain the viewer’s interest. They can be easily produced as a DVD, viral video, a video bulletin board, or a webisode. Proud Music offers not only suitable music for promo videos, but also the appropriate online advertising license.

Royalty free Music and GEMA-freie Musik

What are synchronization rights?

Sync rights refer to the license provided in order to be able to synchronize music to a video, film, commercial, or the like. In this way, a song can be paired with the particular genre without limitations for the licensing period without having to pay for performing rights. In order to be able to combine the two, it is also necessary to acquire proper permission, the film manufacturing rights, for example.

Royalty free Music and GEMA-freie Musik
At Proud Music, we have cleared synchronization rights with our authors, so our clients may obtain the license of a title online from our library easily, without having to pay for expensive manufacturing rights.